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General Privacy

By accessing and using this site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. is committed to the protection of the privacy of its Website visitors.

On the site, we collect personal data in order to respond to your enquiries and may contact you via e-mail or phone. Personal data may include details such as your name, email address, telephone number, the best time to contact you, and any other information you wish to supply.

We reserve the right to contact you from time to time to update you about new releases, sales and events on Forgeplanet.

Your satisfaction and privacy is a priority for us, so we take a number of steps to ensure your safety and to give you a pleasurable shopping experience with us.

E-mail Addresses

We are aware of the annoyance of receiving junk e-mail. So, we want you to know that your e-mail address will never be given out or sold to any outside party, including ones that “you might be interested in”. This ensures that when you give your e-mail address to us for ordering, receiving our newsletter or account purposes, you will not receive any other e-mail resulting from that action.

Our regular e-mails are limited to order confirmations, answers to your questions and the Forgeplanet newsletter.

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